Stained Concrete Flooring Leading the Concrete Craze

It's well known by now that concrete is often a versatile and well-accepted material that homeowners and designers are requesting and weaving into their homes, offices, stores, restaurants, malls, etc., in the most amazing ways. But leading the charge from the concrete craze is stained concrete flooring. If applied correctly into a clean surface, acid based concrete stain colors will always be permanent. -stained_concrete-
Stained concrete combines the very best of the best: beauty and functionality
Concrete staining imparts a royal look that can't be simply achieved by other coloring medium. Stained concrete flooring is starting to become a mainstream every day. It is a way of giving the concrete a perpetual flake-proof color that won't dull, crack or peel. There is nothing more engaging than being seen a beautiful floor that has stood the test of time.
Staining is no fleeting fad
Stained concrete enjoys an expanding array of exterior and interior applications. Unlike many designs trends, it will remain in vogue for many long years and could possibly become as a mainstream for most techniques. It can be used and applied everywhere from walkways and patios to family area floors and kitchen countertops. So just why leave concrete bare when it's possible to personify and add creativity with a coating or two. -stained_concrete-